Friday, January 6, 2012

"Terra Nova" has arrived!

We're very excited (and feeling very special) as we have been allowed to offer "Terra Nova - Polymer at the Crossroads", the book published to celebrate the exhibition by the same name at the Racine Art Museum, for sale at Creative Journey Studios.  A history to date of polymer clay, this tome presents an erudite discussion of the "boundary breakers" featured in the amazing collection now on view in Racine.  Rachel Carren, Lena Vigna and Bruce Pepich illuminate the collection and its path to existence.  Elise Winters' polymer collection project is celebrated, as it should be.  We had the good fortune to attend the opening of the exhibit and the accompanying symposium held at Wingspread and the Johnson Foundation Headquarters.  How incredible it was to be privy to the debates and opinions of many of today's respected polymer artists.  A happy weekend was spent listening to the history, as well as the projected future of polymer clay as a respected art medium.

The exhibit will be on view until Feb. 5th, so it's not too late for a visit, and it is truly not to be missed.  If you can't make the trip, the next best thing will be to purchase the book (only $35) and all proceeds will go to RAM.

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