Past Classes--Archived

In order to do a little housekeeping on our blog, I have moved the class descriptions of some of the classes that have come and gone. It's fun to look back and see what we have been doing. Many of the teachers will be back in the new year but these posts will help you see the kind of wonderful work they do, and help you anticipate the new classes!

Doreen Kassel CANCELLED (watch here for the reschedule date)
July 14-16, 2017 (10:00-5:00 pm) $350
"Translucent Blossoms and Things with Wings"

Using simple sculpting techniques and reference from life and books, Doreen will guide us to create offbeat flowers, pods & things with wings. We'll take off from organic forms and create impressions of the natural world. We'll use white Premo & translucent polymer.

After sculpting and curing, we'll use a unique oil painting technique that involves painting on and rubbing off, to create luminous, subtle color. The end result is really wonderful. We have a fun display of Doreen's work in the gallery to tempt you. 

Doreen has also agreed to share some of her wonderful figures for our amusement. We are all about these whimsical character figurines. 

We are already picking out names for our characters! Come and join us. Maybe your figure can hold your flower for you!
Lindly Haunani
August 25-27, 2017 (10:00-5:00 pm) and September 1-3, 2017 (10:00-5:00 pm) $350
"Sagacious Sumptuous Intentional Color: Tile Bracelet Inspired by Nature"

This is a three day color-centric workshop for confident beginners to advanced polymer artists. During this class you will expand your color awareness, refresh your knowledge about color and perfect your skills when combining colors. 
The glorious range of softer muted colors found in nature will provide the inspirational starting point while you learn how to create an intentional, impactful color scheme. Five useful strategies to enhance harmony will be presented as you prepare a set of colors destined to become a collaged tile braelet or a series of brooches. 
Lindly will share her tips for creating stripe blend sheets that are appropriately scaled for making smaller pieces. The importance of including dramatic value contrasts-accent colors and neutrals in your nature inspired color scheme-will be emphasized. There will be dozens of illustrative color samples on display. There will be plenty of time for individual attention while you make your color choices. Once you have prepared your blend sheets, you will learn how to make eight different color coordinated patterns: including soft Ikat, stripes, fractured color blocking, fabric inspired stripes, feathered stripes, and a small scale circular mokume gane. Lindly wil then demonstrate how to sequence and audition your elements to create a successful harmonious balance in your design while using multiple patterns.
At the end of the session we will brainstorm as a group on how to incorporate what you have learned in your future projects.
Join Lindly Haunani, a internationally recognized colorist for a fun and illuminating three day workshop. While you may know just what colors you like, and exactly how to mix them, using them in harmonious combinations can be challenging. Learn how to add impact to your polymer clay work with increased color confidence and agility.
Join Lindly Haunani, a nationally recognized colorist for a fun and illuminating
three- day workshop. While you may know just what colors you like, and exactly
how to mix them, using them in harmonious combinations can be challenging.
Learn how to add impact to your polymer clay work with increased color
confidence and agility.
Here is a snapshot of a prototype bracelet that Lindly is working to refine. 

We had the good fortune to watch some veneers being developed.

It's very exciting to see an idea from the ground up and we can hardly wait for the class. We are opening a second session September 1-3, if there is enough demand, so get your name on the list if you missed the first session.

Laura Tabakman
September 29-October 1, 2017 (10:00-5:00 pm) $350
"Wire and Translucent Clay"

Laura is well known for her use of translucent clay. We're thrilled that she is going to guide us through her techniques, both with clay and with wire.

She has been experimenting with a laser cutter and has made some amazing stamps based on her own photographs. We will be able to use her stamps and learn from her experiments.

We will be making all sorts of translucent canes based on circles, dots and cells. We'll use alcohol inks, paints, embossing powders, pigment powders, mica minerals and whatever else we can dream up to color the clay.

Laura will teach us how to weave a wire pod, and use our translucent canes to make small hollow round vessels to combine with our wire work to make a pin or necklace.


Leslie Blackford
November 10-12, 2017 (10:00-5:00 pm) $340
"Costume Jewelry Renewed"

Dig out all your old costume jewelry or head to the flea market for some old treasures! Leslie is going to crank up your sculpting skills and give your old, perhaps broken or pairless earrings, brooches and necklaces, a new lease on life.

Maybe an earring will become the finial for a night light or a knob on a treasure box. You never know what a liberal application of Leslie's magic creativity dust will conjure up. But you can be sure it will be fun.

Jeff Dever
April 2-4, 2017 (Sunday, Monday & Tuesday) (10:00-5:00 pm) $375
April 5-7, 2017 (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)
"Miniature Polymer Holloware"

In this class we will explore a wide variety of small scale holloware forms and shapes. This technique driven class will result in strong, light and often reproducible pod like pieces that can be used in jewelry as beads, pins or pendants.

You will learn to create small forms/molds of your own design. These, with clay layering and multi-cycle curing will become small holloware pieces. Jeff has a cornucopia of surface ornamentation and finishing techniques to share, as you work toward designing a pendant, brooch or earrings.

If you expressed an interest in this class and are on the list, now is a good time to secure you place with a check! Thanks!

Sarah Shriver
June 2-4, 2017 (10:00-5:00 pm) $350
"Talismans and Hinged Pendants"
We always look forward to classes with Sarah....there is never a dull moment. We like to defer to the teachers to decide what they would like to teach.

She sent the following thoughts --"Ever since I first thought about making jewelry, I wanted to create something that felt tribal. I love the idea of wearing your 'wealth' woven into your clothing or worn on your body, like a nomad might do. I particularly like the idea of embedding some sort of memorial or mystical element in these pieces like the victorian "hair jewelry", or the medicine man's healing potions. In this class I'd like to explore those ideas with some personal input from each student to create a piece that references someone or something, and looks cool too! We'll do a little work with wire and add elements that heighten the feeling of a pendant with curious powers."
Obviously, one element will be the use of a hinge to elevate the piece to a more interesting level. Sarah already has a unique way of making the canes she uses. Add to that her ability to teach you construction will advance your work more than you can imagine. Besides, you'll have a blast.

Ellen Prophater
August 5-7 or 12-14, 2016 (10:00-5:00 pm) $300
"Exploration of Mokume Gane"
Ellen wrote an article for Sage that was published in the Winter Issue of The Polymer Arts. Now she will share all her mokume gane techniques in depth. We are keeping the class small (4-5 students) so you can spread out and cover your workspace with sheets of veneers. One of the highlights will be making your own tools for your own designer mokume. Ellen did a class earlier in the year that covered surface techniques and now she is sharing her mokume.This is one you don't want to miss!

Lindly Haunani
September 2-4, 2016 (10:00-5:00 pm) $350
"Telling YOUR Color Story - Quilt Block Inspiration"
Are you ready to immerse yourself in the glorious world of color and design for three days?  Discover and expand your creative potential with increased color confidence. Lindly returns to Creative Journey Studios to share her color expertise.
During this class you will . . .
            Expand your color awareness
            Refresh your knowledge about color
            Perfect your skills when combining colors
Using simple strip quilt block patterns as inspiration you will make a dramatic decorative wall hanging tile. Learn how to refine your color choices while selecting pigment primaries, mixing colors, and constructing Skinner blends. See how balance, placement and proportion all play key roles while designing your quilt block pattern.
There will be dozens of illustrative color samples on display and plenty of time for individual attention while you make your color choices.
You will create a color-coordinated palette of gradient blends that will be used to make your stripe elements. Once cut, your elements will be puzzled together to form a geometric quilt block pattern. You will have ample “yardage” of blends to experiment with and may opt to concentrate on one combination or try several.
During this workshop you will be using laminates for your designs. Strategies for translating what you have learned into canes, more painterly surface designs and sculptural elements will be discussed. Samples illustrating how the patterns read at a smaller scale suitable for jewelry design will also be presented.
You will be encouraged to take at least one quilt block panel to completion, ready for hanging in your home, during class. Panels destined for an elegant, but simple hanging solution will be available for purchase. Lindly will provide guidance as you choose the best background color for your quilt block inspired tile.

Cynthia Tinapple
October 7-9, 2016 (10:00-5:00 pm) $350
"The Secrets of Inlay"

Once you learn how to add polymer into wood and cure it with a heat gun, every surface in your home becomes fair game for upgrading and embellishment. You will take familiar polymer techniques and tweak them slightly for use in interior decorating.

None of the how-to books include secrets "beyond the manufacturer's recommendation" but that's exactly where this class will lead you. 
Cynthia has been using these methods for nearly 20 years and now she'll show you how to drill holes, carve patterns and cut channels to fill and fire. 

You will make your own sample board (a beautiful wood phone or tablet stand) in class to test these mind-expanding techniques for yourself. She will have some bowls that her wonderful woodworking husband has created and made a groove for inlaying, that she will make available for sale, if you want to really go whole hog! Over the years Cynthia has really worked to develop this technique and has inlayed all sorts of surfaces in her house. You can do a search on her and look at all the magic!

Leslie Blackford
November 11-13, 2016 (10:00-5:00 pm) $340
"Winter Woodland Bracelet" and "Light of Day" Class
How much fun can you pack in a three day weekend? A lot, if you are with Leslie Blackford for a jam-packed class of creativity. First you'll learn to make bracelet parts that look like you gathered them from a walk in the woods. A twig, a pretty rock, a bird egg...maybe even a little bird or frog or snake...can all find a place in your winter woodland bracelet. These might also fuel ideas for a night light. Leslie will encourage you to bring a story to the making of your light. Maybe a childhood experience with a clown or a memory of a pet will find its way into your creation. Leslie can help you sculpt your fantasies and you'll end up with a personalized light for your bedside.

Melanie Muir
June 10-12, 2016 (10:00-5:00 pm) $360
"Shards Necklaces" plus special design clinic

This is a technique based class that is inspired by a project. You will learn how to design and construct your very own “Shards Necklace”. You can vary the colors and use your own surface patterns. Add canes, screen prints, skinner blends or whatever you wish. Or add Melanie’s new mokume gane variations! Melanie will show you a hidden catch and cleverly engineered joining techniques that will make your designs ultra light, flexible and easy to wear. She will also include a special design clinic where she will personally help you with design and construction challenges in your pieces. This is a unique opportunity to pick the brain of an international superstar. We are delighted to lure her to this side of the pond.

 Julie Picarello
July 29-31, 2016 (10:00-5:00 pm) $360 New Session added! July 25-27, 2016 Call asap!
"Imprint Mokume, Button Blossoms and Lunar Beads"

Julie is coming to Creative Journey with a mindset of sharing as much of her knowledge as possible. We have three very full days of fun planned for you that include:

Imprint Mokume with Dimension, Metal Leaf and Inks
Delve into imprint mokume – an adaptation of the ancient Japanese metalsmithing technique of Mokume Gane translated into polymer.  Unlike traditional Mokume Gane, which results in a random, oil slick look, this is a process of designing a controlled, specific pattern on a carefully constructed stack of clay. 
Color...where to find inspiration, how to mix soft and muted palettes, and how to use metallic and pearl clay to create shimmering highlights. 
Leaf and to add a metal leaf and ink “sandwich” to the stack of clay.
Tools...explore both everday and unusual tools to create unique designs, including the “Lazy River”, a winding, dimensional path through the design.
Bead Shaping/Finishing...shaping beads with cutters, cutting freehand, drilling, sanding and polishing.

Button Blossom Mixed Media Pendant
Build on the technique and bead-making skills learned the first day by expanding into jewelry design.  These mixed media pieces will incorporate vintage buttons and findings, textured metal discs, and a hand-forged wire-wrapped bail.  Some metalworking tools will be reviewed, such as the dapping block and the circle disc cutter.  And while these pieces are structurally constructed to utilize polymer to lock in all components, the use of tinted epoxy resin as a design element will also be explored.  Combining polymer with metal or found objects will open the door to fresh new designs.  Whether elegant and sophisticated or quirky and charming, a world of possibility awaits!

Lunar Beads - Bursts of Color in 3D Shapes
Creativity unleashed! Enjoy the process of custom mixing rich and luscious color palettes, imprinting circles of clay with an everyday yet surprising tool, and manipulating and shaping the beads to give them an organic look. 
A range of stamps and molds will be shown, ranging from rubber, metal bookbinding, and made-for-clay acrylic. Beads will be stamped or hand-textured before being dusted with metallic powders for glowing highlights.
Once cured, each bead will be taken through the finishing process…drilling, embedding wire loops, sanding, and polishing. Time permitting, ear wire design will be discussed and earrings can be made in addition to focal beads.

Bettina Welker
April 8-10, 2016 (10:00-5:00 pm) or April 12-14, 2016 (10:00-5:00 pm)  $360
"Form, Texture and Color"

Bettina's new workshop is all about form, texture and color. The class takes you on a walk through all of Bettina's current techniques: swiveling elements, thread decor, translucent layers, shadow boxes and many more. All her secrets will be revealed in this fun filled three day class.

By the end of the class you will have a nice stash of different beads and elements that you will be able to combine into your own unique piece of jewelry. Jewelry construction will be a big part of this class. 

Meisha Barbee
May 20-22, 2016 (10:00-5:00 pm) $350
"Exploring Surface Design and Texture"

Carving Linoleum and other Materials: This class is about carving simple texture sheets that create surprisingly dynamic results in clay.  It's very satisfying to make your own texture patterns rather than relying on available stamps. Meisha will provide the carving tools and linoleum for this project. Using a neutral color palette, we’ll create a couple of simple patterned canes, and textures that students will combine into a simple, but dynamic Pendant.

Exploring Surface Design and Textures in Clay: Using a mostly neutral clay palette, Meisha will share many techniques to create interesting textures and surfaces that can be combined into dynamic compositions.  She will teach students how to make their own texturing tools, and intriguing  surfaces using inks, paints, powders, as well as her signature “Fractured” mica-shift technique in clay.  The objective of this class is to encourage students to have fun, playing and creating wonderful surfaces and compositions that feature their own unique design sensibilities.  

Jana Roberts Benzon
December 4-6, 2015(10:00-5:00 pm) $350
"Dancing on the Razor's Edge: The Readers' Digest Condensed Version"

Jana’s week long “Dancing on the Razor’s Edge” workshop is an exciting, creativity expanding experience, but often a week is hard to come by. We’re fortunate to have three days to do a condensed version of this popular workshop at Creative Journey Studios. We will do a “travel timeline” through Jana’s various cutwork techniques, including her very latest called “Harlequin”. 

Instead of coming away with a finished piece of jewelry, you’ll create a collage of sorts, composed of the various techniques you’ll learn.

Dive with Jana into the power that is unleashed when a simple cutting blade meets with various clay assemblages and configurations.  Join us for three days of thrilling revelation and exciting discovery as we plumb hidden depths (both literal and figurative!).  We will explore and create some of Jana's most popular and groundbreaking cutwork techniques, beginning with the first of these which is “Laser Cut”. Then we’ll continue through the timeline with “New Age Bargello”, “Encrusted”, “Faux Felting”, “3D Cutwork”, and “Harlequin” (and any others Jana may have discovered by then!). 

If you’ve attended a previous workshop on one of these techniques, rest assured that in addition to a valuable review, Jana will teach new concepts for these well-loved techniques.
Each one of the techniques teaches you specific skills from systematically “building” a substrate, then preparing colorful and interestingly “colored” veneers, to finally, watching the Razor’s magic (with the help of your hands) take place!  Exploring these innovative cutwork techniques will open up your creative process to new and unconventional ways of working, thinking and executing…Don your explorer"s hat and meet us on the Razor’s Edge!

Anke Humpert
February 26-28, 2016 (10:00-5:00 pm) $350
"The Circus Necklace" 

Learn Anke's technique for making and designing the eye catching necklace that she calls "The Circus". The lightweight, hollow beads of the necklace are sure to get everyone to ask: “How did you do that?” In this comprehensive class, Anke will guide you through her design process. She will provide the encouragement to experiment with your own ideas to make a necklace that reflects your own creativity. 

You will learn how to:

•   mix and match custom colors with translucent clay and inks

•   construct hollow lentil beads (with Anke's secret tool!)

•   distress the surface of your beads

•   use paints and stencils to enhance the design.

•   assemble your necklace with a array of unusual construction ideas and wire techniques

Anke includes lots of tips, tricks and ideas with each step! All techniques can be applied to other projects! Imagine all the possibilities!

Dani Torres & Natalia Garcia de Leaniz
October 23-25, 2015(10:00-5:00 pm) $340
"Ultra-Hollow Pieces and Rings Galore"

Dani Torres and Natalia Garcia de Leaniz, husband and wife super-team from Spain, are coming to teach together at Creative Journey. When Dani was last here, he shared his new found techniques on making hollow forms. Now he returns with “Ultra Hollow” using more techniques and COLOR!  

They will share (just in time for the fall and hayfever season) their “Pollen” necklace and bracelets, using several construction, veneering, caning, relief and texturing techniques you will enjoy.
Next, “Beyond Hollow” is their segment to create wearable pieces where the hollow concept blends with mixed, progressive construction. You will enjoy learning all their tricks.

Finally they will do “Organic Rings Reimagined”. They will share their new approach to polymer clay ring-making, from the basic shaft structure to the final touch. They have lots of tricks up their sleeves and you can really get creative!

Loretta Lam
September 18-20, 2015 or September 25-27, 2015(10:00-5:00 pm) $350
"Color, Balance and Focus: Designing Better Jewelry Through Intention"

When you have a plan and make conscious choices, your work will take a giant leap forward! In this workshop we will concentrate on three design principles.  

1. Color - it sets the mood, creates an atmosphere, accentuates fashion and enhances the wearer’s natural beauty.
2. Balance – establishes the overall energy of the piece. You can create a sedate, quiet piece through symmetry or change it completely into an exciting, lively piece by altering the balance. 
3. Focus –having a strong focal element pulls the composition together and creates a clear design statement. 

Loretta will work one-on-one with each participant to design and create: earrings, brooches and necklaces with a crisp new look. Through fun exercises and step by step instructions, you will learn, grow and create new work. And of course, have some laughs along the way!

Lindly Haunani
August 28-30, 2015 or September 4-6, 2015(10:00-5:00 pm) $340
"Making a Delicious Statement--Incredible (almost) Edible Color"

Join Lindly for this fun, fast paced three-day workshop designed to nurture your inner fantasy food stylist. Explore the use of veneers, molds, embossing powders and chalk pastels to create beads evocative of luscious edibles. Learn strategies for combining your beads, in symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangements, into a spectacular statement necklace or elastic bracelet. The emphasis in this workshop will be on the artistic reinterpretation of edibles with child-like enthusiasm, instead of making realistic miniature foods.

There are a myriad of approaches that may be used to design your own personalized color palettes to create pleasing, evocative color combinations. In this workshop you will be drawing inspiration from the wondrous array of colors inherent in edible nature.

We will begin by exploring your color likes and dislikes as you make an intuitive color collage using clippings gleaned from Lindly’s cooking magazine collection. Explore what colors (and color combinations) intrigue you - the possibilities include: cantaloupes, raspberries, mangoes, lemons, avocados, artichokes and eggplants. Using your collage as a reference tool, you will then create a delicious full spectrum palette to work from that features tinted translucent polymer.

Learn the parameters of proportion for tinting and strategies for increasing (and decreasing) the vibrancy of your colors. Samples of several options to enhance the outline(s) of your canes with pearl polymer and/or embossing powders will be on display to aid in your choices when making your canes.

Lindly will then demonstrate several food inspired canes and share slices of these with the group. You will then be guided -hands on- to make three canes based on your color inspiration collage.

Explore how the addition of paint or chalk pastels can add color and value definition. See how the addition of “in betweens” and bridges via bead elements can enhance your designs. Strategies for post cane construction modifications, the use of veneers and molds will be presented. 

Come prepared to learn new skills, valuable bench tricks, laugh and leave with an increased color confidence.

Christi Friesen
August 14, 2015 (10:00-5:00 pm) $90
"Refining Your Voice: Using a Triptych Composition to Explore Color, Design and Continuity"

Are you ready to take the next step in your artistic journey - refining your unique voice? Your voice is your style; it means your artwork has “you” worked into the design. Refining your voice takes a lifetime, and it’s one of the most exciting parts of being an artist, whether you create for fun or envision a career from your creativity. 


In this workshop with international artist, Christi Friesen, you will create a triptych (or three-part) wall piece in order to explore important aspects of personal creativity: individuality, design and composition, line and movement.

Emphasis will be on helping you understand what parts of your creativity are really “you” and helping you move beyond copying and derivative creating. You will explore creating color palettes, using other mediums with polymer and adapting professional finishing techniques.

Christi Friesen
August 15, 2015 (10:00-5:00 pm) $90
"Objets d'Art: Vessels"

Art vessels are something that teacher Christi Friesen loves to make and to help others make. The variety of options in creating an objet d’art piece (something created just for art’s sake) makes this an exciting class, since individual creativity is stressed. You will learn about using bases, armatures and incorporating other media into the clay.

Christi Friesen
August 16, 2015 (10:00-5:00 pm) $90
"Articulated Figures"

Did you know polymer clay could do this? Learn how to mold, carve, color and assemble UltraLight polymer clay to achieve jointed, movable figures full of personality. Christi Friesen will show you all the tricks, as well as help you add those special touches that really will bring your creation to life.This class will open new doors of possibilities for future creativity as well, since many of the techniques have other uses, which will be discussed. All clays and other materials provided.

Sarah Shriver
June 5-7, 2015 (10:00-5:00 pm) $350
"Big Bead Bracelets and Rings"

To quote Sarah, "It's all about color! I'm certainly not the first to say it, but I repeat it with enthusiam." 

With the use of color theory, intuition and guidance from Sarah, each student will build two or three sets of painterly Skinner blends that reflect their own color style. They will create light weight cores for bracelet or ring beads, and cover them with veneers made from their wonderful fluid colors. Adding various design elements will create more complex surfaces that feature both rhythm and depth. Good finishing is essential to a well made piece, so along with instruction for stringing or filling a ring bezel, Sarah will share several techniques for refining the final look of the work.

The 'fit and finish' of Sarah's work is what makes it stand out. It just "feels good", and why would you not want to emulate that perfection. Taking to heart what Sarah has to share will propel your work to another level. 

Laura Tabakman
April 24 (10:00-5:00pm) $115 (sold out) -- second session added on May 1 (sold out)
"Coloring Translucent Clay"

The day will be spent testing how many ways we can find to add color to translucent clay and how different brands behave. It is all about experimentation; at the end of the day you’ll have lots of samples as reference for the future or for the workshop on the following days.

April 25 & 26 (10:00-5:00pm) $225(sold out)- second session May 2 & 3 (sold out)
Translucent Polymer Workshop”

Translucent polymer clay can seem invisible, but is it really? When used wisely it can add depth, making a piece visually intriguing; it can be finished to a glass-like surface; and of course being semitransparent allows light to pass through it. We will take advantage of these properties during the workshop. Students will learn several translucent-based canes and surface techniques.
Day 1- Canes
Organic moving layers.
Translucent-heavy canes (stripes, circles and dots)
Day 2 – Surface techniques
Drawing with pencils, markers, etc. on layers.
Translucent over gold or silver leaf, several variations.
Alcohol inks after curing.
Sanding and buffing translucent to a glassy shine.
Finishing and assembling techniques.

Ron Lehocky
May 22-24, 2015 (10:00-5:00pm) $310
"Veneers and Construction Techniques with Dr. Ron" or
"Creative Polymer with Ron" !!

The Doctor in! And you can make your appointment at his satellite office by calling 404-314-5767! Dr. Ron Lehocky, our favorite pediatrician and heart maker extraordinaire, is coming to share his polymer knowledge with us. He wanted us to call it a CPR workshop –“Come and Play with Ron”, but I’m not so sure! Ron just added his 30,000th heart to our collection. He has over twenty years of polymer experience. His work has been published in several books and magazines, and has been the focus of numerous blog posts. He will share his bench work skills to help you construct pendants, beads and pins using the various surface treatments he has developed. He has a style of mokume that we call Ronnie-gane, and he has an extruder cane he calls his easy-peasy cane.  He will teach an interesting geometric cane that will become a veneer for a surface treatment.

Ron has a new take on Ikat and he will show you how to turn his mokume gane into a spectacular spiral pendant. The range of techniques you will learn is mind boggling and your work will take a quantum leap for having attended.

Barbara Fajardo
March 27 (10:00-5:00pm) $115
"Appliqued Tiles"

We are very excited to welcome Barb Fajardo to teach at Creative Journey Studios. She'll bring her southwestern influence and desert inspired palette for a change of pace. Recognized by the Niche Award, she has several interesting techniques to share. Cynthia Tinapple was so impressed with her appliqued earrings, she included them in her book "Global Perspectives in Polymer Clay." Now you can learn this fun technique and make it your own.  

March 28 & 29 (10:00-5:00pm) $225
"Mandala Flora"

Students will create intricate patterns and shapes using Barb's Mimbres (black and white) and Wood Texture (antiqued and scratched) techniques. The mandalas use odd or even radial symmetry that has great appeal. Custom blends can be created to introduce color into the mandala designs. Barb will discuss bail and drilling options as well as using stone cabochons and open hole cutouts to create a focal centerpoint. 

Ernie Hendrix
September 27th, 2014 (10:00-5:30pm) $85
"The Orient Star Book"

Ernie Hendrix makes amazing watercolor paintings of rusted out old cars. She makes Gwen Gibson style inros. She collages screen printed sheets of polymer. She loves book arts… short, she’s our kind of lady! We’re delighted to bring her to Creative Journey Studios to teach us how to make a beautiful handmade book that opens and ties into a seven point star. The Orient Star book features gorgeous Japanese papers with exotic kimono and antique geisha prints for an Asian motif. We’ll even fold an origami kimono to decorate the cover. The cost of a kit including all papers, mat board, waxed linen thread, a book needle and ribbon will be part of your $85 class fee. Join us on September 27th from 10:00 to 5:00 for a fun day of learning new skills and creating a unique object d’art!

Dayle Doroshow
November 8, 9 and 10, 2014
The Unfolding Pyramid, Messengers and Storytellers, and Chaos Cards
$100 per class

Dayle Doroshow is a mixed media/ polymer clay artist who brings her love of travel around the world and dreams of ancient ruins to bear on her art work. She has a passion for the magic of past civilizations, finding inspiration from their artisans. She studied  traditional pottery, moved on to book arts, and with her discovery of polymer, evolved into jewelry, home d├ęcor, ethnic figures and handcrafted books. Annually she hosts workshops at La Cascade in Durfort in the south of France. We’re very excited to bring Dayle to Creative Journey Studio for three days of exploration and fun.

On Saturday, November 8, 2014 (10:00 to 5:00pm) $100
The Unfolding Pyramid: Explore the mysteries of ancient civilizations. Peek through windows, unlock and walk through doors into the world of sculptural books. Using polymer clay, beautiful papers, and other elements, we will create freestanding, three-dimensional “books that are sculptures” or “sculptures that are books”. Personal imagery, found objects and other mixed media will be combined with polymer clay to create a pyramid structure that unfolds to reveal a hidden surprise. Polymer clay techniques will include transferring photocopy imagery, carving and antiquing, making and using three dimensional clay pieces, and weathered surface treatments. 

On Sunday, November 9, 2014 (10:00am to 5:00pm) $100
Messengers and Storytellers: Expand your design vocabulary in this spirited workshop by making three-dimensional figures. We will create these figures of polymer clay using unique surface designs of millefiore & mokume gane and rich embellishments of beads, fibers and your personal treasures. Our inspiration will come from earlier cultures and also from easy whimsical designs we'll collage from two-dimensional imagery - a fun way to work to stimulate new ideas! The "Messengers" can have secret places to hide a message or object, the "Storytellers" can house a small book and both can incorporate removable jewelry. This class will give you fresh visions and open new possibilities for your own work!

On Monday, November 10, 2014 (10:00am to 5:00pm) $100
Chaos Cards: Come create a unique set of Artist and Writer‘s tool cards out of thin sheets of polymer clay. We will create a sampler of exciting clay techniques on the backs of the cards including transfers, pencils and markers, carving, antiquing, metallic powders and leaf, and using embossing powders as pigments. We will develop and print personal instructions and messages on the face of the card that can be used to inspire a project, jump start a stalled project, or throw a little positive chaos into your Art and lead you in a new direction! 

Leslie Blackford 
December 5, 2014 (10:00 AM – 5:00 PM) 
Hard Candy Bracelet  $100

Do you associate hard candy with the holidays? Leslie Blackford is coming to Buford to help us make bracelets that look like hard candy. What a fun accessory for your holiday parties. Leslie brings her own brand of magic to the studio and no matter what your skill level you’ll go home with a treasure after a fun filled day.

December 6 and 7, 2014 (10:00 AM – 5:00 PM) 
Translucent Clay Nightlights with Creative Creatures  $200

The weekend class will accomplish a special night light. Leslie is known for her quirky character sculptures, like her carnies. She makes wonderful animal characters that have something to say. She’ll bring all her knowledge to lead you to figure out what makes an elephant, an elephant or how to internalize a fish or cat or dog. You’ll suddenly create something you never thought you could. Why not make it a night light so you’ll have sweet dreams.

Lindly Haunani 
September 5th, 2014 (10:00—5:00) $115 Full 
Join us for the "Prequel" on August 29th (10:00-5:00)
“The Incredibly Versatile Tube Bead”

Tube beads- whether they are hollow, cut small to make spacers, used as armatures, twisted, embellished, textured, used to make jewelry findings or left plain- are an extremely versatile bead shape to have in your shape making repertoire.

You will learn how to make an Elise Winter’s style tube bead cutter. All of the supplies you will need to make yours will be available for purchase in the supply store (or you may opt to borrow one of Lindly’s).

Lindly will then acquaint you with important tips and tricks for making successful tube beads, including proper polymer preparation, selecting the right mandrel, mounting your clay on the mandrel, applying veneers, changing the tube shape, and using power tool adapters.

As a group we will then collaborate to make a set of color coordinated Skinner blend canes that we will all share. You will learn how to make a Damascus Ladder cane that pivots color-wise from one of your favorite colors. Slices of your cane (and perhaps slices traded with other class participants) will then be used to decorate a series of tube beads that may be used to make an elegant one, two or three wrap tube bead necklace.

September 6 & 7, 2014 (10:00—5:00) $225 Full
Join us for the "Prequel" August 30th and 31st (10:00-5:00)

“Sparkling Mokume Gane”

Some say that Mokume Gane rhymes with “play with clay all day,” and that is exactly what you will be doing for two days in this fun, fast paced survey of this excitingly versatile technique.  You will learn valuable mokume gane tips and tricks while making four different glistening mokume blocks including:

         Rainbow Haunani Gane
         Analogous Haunani Gane
         Crushed Pearl Mokume
         Layered Holographic Glitter Imprint Mokume

One of the most important aspects of making successful mokume gane is your color selection.  Lindly will guide you to create a coordinated color palette reflective of your color preferences. This palette will be used in the construction of all four of your mokume blocks, so swatches from one or all of them may be collaged together.

Plan on attending with Your two magical hands, suspension of doubt and an awareness of the true magic inherent in polymer clay- and leave with several completed projects, an increased confidence with working with color, hands-on understanding of valuable bench tricks and an enhanced understanding of your artistic self.

Note: This workshop is designed for all skill levels. The emphasis is to experience an overview of several different variations of mokume gane.
Marla Frankenberg
June 20, 2014 (10:00-5:30pm) $115  POSTPONED --check back for new date
“Marla Dots”

Marla Frankenberg has a unique take on caning and using translucent clay. The result she has dubbed “marlefiori” and she is coming to Creative Journey Studios to share her wisdom! On Friday, June 20th, she will share all there is to know about ‘Marla Dots’. The dot cane is somewhat her trademark, and she uses thin slices over and under her other floral canes or even as a layered stand-alone look. It is truly an amazingly effective cane technique you will want to add to your repertoire.

June 21 & 22, 2014 (10:00-5:30pm) $225 POSTPONED --check back for new date
“Marla Flowers & Leaves”

On the weekend, June 21st and 22nd, Marla will share her floral and leaf cane techniques, again in translucent and with the intent of layering and collaging effects. She will share her unique construction and reduction techniques that will grow your caning abilities. We have Marla’s work in the gallery which will allow you to see the sophistication of her design and cane work.

Meisha Barbee
May 23, 2014 (10:00 -5:30) $115
"Fun With Flowers and Simple Canes"

Starting with a blend, Meisha will teach her take on simple caning including flowers, spirals and bullseyes. She will then show you how to apply overlapping slices of these canes to a solid surface to create fun patterned sheets from which to cut final shapes for pins, earrings and pendants. She will share her color aesthetic and help you develop a point of view of your own. 

Meisha Barbee
May 24 & 25, 2014 (10:00 -5:30) $225
Retro Extrusions & More

When Meisha prepares to make a collection of pins, pendants and earrings, she starts by making her color palette. Her choices are often not what you would expect, but they always seem to work. She then proceeds to create canes and mica shift veneers that cry to be together. Her work has a retro feel to it, as if you’ve been time warped into the Marimekko factory---but in a good way. Her pieces have a fabric vibe to them and they will just make you smile.  Meisha will share her views on color and guide you to your own choices. She will teach you her extrusion techniques and how to utilize mica shift as an element of your finished piece. She will help you have fun with flowers as unexpected elements to add flare to your pieces.

Sarah Shriver
April 4, 2014 (9:30-5:00pm) $115
Fishbone Tile Bracelets

The iconic graphic of a fishbone has been in Sarah’s repertoire since 1985, but she is just now beginning to teach this fun cane. She will break down the graphic into its geometric components so you can visualize and build it easily. Once you’ve done it, you can use your new “know how” to build all sorts of bold representational canes. Once the class has created a wonderful fishbone cane, we will make beads for a fun tile bracelet. Sarah will share her thoughts on bead making, including finishing, drilling and stringing. She will develop some of the elements into kaleidoscopic patterns to be used as borders that complement the bold graphic of the fishbones. She will address adding borders and backs, and making filler beads.

Sarah Shriver
April 5 & 6, 2014 (9:30-5:00) $225
Colorful Kaleidoscoped Interlocking Celtic Cane Pendants

Sarah will guide you through the making of this rich and complex pattern, encouraging variation and leading you to color choices that reflect your own sense of style. Color blending and refined caning techniques are the cornerstones of this amazing class. Sarah has a relaxed and encouraging style of teaching that will have you caning like a master in no time.
Sarah will teach you to make several skinner blends that go from light to dark to create the illusion of an over-under weave. We will use these to compose a repeat pattern that will be manipulated into several kaleidoscope patterns. These will be used as a veneer on various shopes of pendant beads. Sanding and polishing for a luxurious finish will be covered. 

Loretta Lam
March 14, 2014 (9:30-5:00pm)  $115
Inspired Color and Funky Faux Canes

Do you wonder why some colors sing while others fall flat? There are no good or bad colors. The quality of any color is dependent on its neighbors! Loretta will guide you through the process of selecting a palette, designing canes and surface veneers for jewelry that are varied but compatible so you have a wide array of choices as you design your finished work.  This class will help you break through to richer, more successful color. Loretta will help you learn to interpret color to find a more personal palette. Then she will help you use your new palette to play around with some fun caning techniques. Freshen up your dots and stripes, your ivory or basket weave and linoleum in new and unexpected ways. If your colors are beautiful, everything you make from them will be beautiful. Loretta is a very successful retail and wholesale artist with years of experience to share. She has an easy going teaching style that allows you to relax and enjoy your new wisdom. Her students often remark that her teaching style is stimulating and encouraging, relaxed but instilling confidence, and geared to help you develop your own style.

Loretta Lam
March 15 & 16, 2014 (9:30-5:00 pm)  $225
Designing Out of the Box – Creating an Asymmetrical Necklace

Designing a necklace can feel like a tug of war between stability and tension. We love the comfort of a symmetrical composition but are also drawn to the dynamic energy of the wildly asymmetric. Have you dreamed of creating that kind of design but you don’t know how to pull it off? You will be surprised and delighted that you can easily accomplish it with a few key design choices.

Spend two days with Loretta Lam talking about inspired color, making lightweight beads and learning to create a beautiful balance without resorting to standard symmetrical design. Loretta will show you the importance of blending textures, colors and shapes to achieve the result you dreamed of. You will walk away with a smashingly spectacular piece of wearable art!