Thursday, April 21, 2016

Feels like summer...

The weather in Atlanta is incredible at the moment. We had a fabulous week with Bettina Welker. She definitely had heads spinning, and I think everyone will be playing in their studios with all their new found knowledge. She was in Dallas for the weekend and then headed back to Germany. It was a wonderful visit---not only a well-planned class, but fun meals, a few trips to Collet’s and a little German practice (hence my new name –“Liebe Susi”). We had a lot of our old friends in attendance…from New York, Connecticut, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama and Kentucky, as well as a few semi-locals. We had the fun of adding three new ladies to our CJS family….from Illinois, Massachusetts and South Carolina. Three brought their spouses with them and one, her mom, for a little mini vacation – what a great idea!

We had a bunch of new products to tempt everyone. I think Oyumaru, the Japanese molding material, was a big hit, especially after Bettina showed a few cool tricks with it. We all discovered Genesis Paints. I’ve restocked on Swellegant after that part of the class emptied the shelves. The KorTools were a hit and I’ll be restocking those this next week. Everyone enjoyed using the clay donated by Staedtler Canada (Thanks, Gail!) and many headed home with bulging bags of Fimo.

We are gearing up for Meisha Barbee’s class. Be sure to check the upcoming class page for the full description of Meisha’s, Melanie Muir’s and Julie Picarello’s classes. Don’t procrastinate and get disappointed when the class is full. That happens! Meisha is going to working in a more subdued, classy palette and has some new tricks for creating textures.