Sunday, June 5, 2016

Heads Up!....

Big News!!! We filled Julie Picarello's class so quickly that many of you missed the sign-up. Several people called after the fact and wanted us to squeeze them in. That was something we couldn't do. One of the pluses of Creative Journey is the small class size where the students get lots of attention from the teacher and us. So, what to do? We called Julie and prevailed upon her to add a session. She was willing to change her flight and come early, so we are announcing a new session on Monday thru Wednesday, July 25-27 (10:00-5:00). Check the "upcoming classses" page to see the details of the class. Also, don't miss out on Lindly's class in September---it's already filling up.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

"Hotlanta" ....

I think this week "Hotlanta" is living up to its name. We got through the rain at the start of Meisha's class without a lot of fuss, had a couple pretty days and now all h... is breaking loose. Luckily we have air-conditioning and we can stay cool while we bake our polymer creations! We had a great class with Meisha Barbee and one of the nice benefits of her visit was a restock of her display in the gallery. 

We also got a box of goodies from Kim Korringa for the gallery, and brought back new batches of work from Jeanette Kandray, Laurie Prophater, Libby Mills, Alison Gallant, Diane McNamee and Ron Lehocky from our retreat up in Virginia. We added some new pieces to the Collection, thanks to the auction at the retreat. So many reasons for a visit….
Our next class is with Melanie Muir. She’ll be here June 10th for three days of mokume fun. It’s a technique driven class with her shards necklace as a goal. She will be talking about design and construction as well. It will be interesting to get a European point of view.

In July, Julie Picarello comes to Creative Journey to share her take on mokume. There seems to be a trend here! We’ll have a full weekend of “lazy rivers”, button blossoms and lunar beads.

Finally, in August, Ellen Prophater is doing two weekends of mokume madness. There are only five spots in each class, so there is space to spread out your veneer samples. One of the highlights of the weekend will be creating your own pattern tools to impress your mokume stacks. 

Finally, we’ll end the summer with a labor day celebration of color with Lindly Haunani. Lindly has been quilting up a storm and decided to translate her color studies to polymer quilt squares. How fun to decorate your home with “quilted” wallhangings! This might be a quilt I could finish! Call soon to sign up for your annual color fix! Don’t procrastinate and be sad because the class fills without you. Remember that our classes are small and intimate, but that means they fill quickly. Sadly, we can’t  squeeze you in. Sometimes the teachers will allow us to offer a second session  and we make a waiting list to see if that works out.