Sunday, January 18, 2015

Stop the presses!

Just when I thought I was caught up on my blogging, I have more news! Big news, actually! We've added two classes. Barb Fajardo is coming from New Mexico to teach two classes for a weekend of excitement on March 27th, 28th and 29th. On Friday she will share her "Appliqued Tiles" technique.

On the weekend she will teach her "Mandala Flora." Check out the Upcoming Classes page for more description and pictures. Call me at 404-314-5767 to reserve your spot.

The other big news is two-fold. Laura Tabakman's class in April filled almost before I posted it. But, not to worry, we talked her into offering another session the following weekend--May 1-3. Whew! That being said, don't dilly-dally. This session is filling up, too! Actually, all the classes are filling up. Consider yourself warned!

The other bit of news is that we still have lots of Pardo translucent clay, including the new Pardo translucent colors. Many of my daily inquiries read something like this. "I've found your website but I don't see anywhere to click to buy your products". It's as simple as hopping on the phone so I can take your credit card info and shipping information. We use USPS regional shipping boxes which saves you a good bit of money. With your zipcode I can quote shipping rates. Check out to see some of the products we carry.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Year's Excitement!

It’s the new year and time to plan for 2015! Ellen is working on our class schedule, busily lining up wonderful teachers to bring you exciting workshops. Check out the class descriptions on our “Upcoming Classes” page and give me a call at 404-314-5767 to sign up. The space is limited, so remember—“He who hesitates, is lost”. 

Laura Tabakman is coming at the end of April (and now also May 1-3, as the first class sold out in three days, even before I really started advertising it!). She is going to be teaching her techniques with translucent clay and comparing brands, which should be interesting. We were fortunate enough to see her work up in Racine at the H. F. Johnson Gallery of Art at Carthage College while we were at the 2nd Symposium on Polymer Clay held by Racine Art Museum at Wingspread. 

This was a large installation that you could actually walk through, causing the pieces to sway gently from the air moving as you walked. in addition to these large mixed media pieces, Laura is also known for her wire and polymer jewelry.

We have Laura's work for sale in the gallery, and have several nice pieces in the collection so you can get excited about this class. 
I will be posting other classes as their details become available, so check back often.
This seems like a good place to remind you that we still have Pardo translucent clay, as well as Fimo and Premo. All it takes is a phone call (404-314-5767) and a credit card to have some winging its way to you in a USPS priority box. You can sign up for a class at the same time!