Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Winter Wonderland?

We haven't had much winter, but what we have had, has been brutal for all of us "southern" hot house flowers! The lake level (which we watch avidly) has been incredibly high all season, even as the Corp of Engineers lets water flow down the river with great gusto. As we cross the dam going to and from Buford, we watch the digital sign and follow the level.

We are 'holding our breath' for all the retreats that are going on at the moment. We hope the snow and ice will hold off and everyone can go and get back home without an issue. We usually travel to the Buckeye Bash at this time of the year, and while it is great fun, we still have too clear a memory of the ice and snow last year. We also contemplated attending Arlene Groch's Clayathon in New Jersey. I guess we are just chicken in our 'old age'. If our magic wands were functioning better, we might have considered going. I know everyone is having a blast! The organizers do a fabulous job at these retreats and we are sad to miss out.

In the meantime we are gearing up for Bettina Welker to arrive. She has filled up two classes in April. She will survey her wide variety of techniques which promises to be awe inspiring! As a graphics designer, she has a wide breadth of looks to expound upon. I'm looking forward to seeing the resultant sampler necklaces....along with the happy faces!

We have rescheduled Leslie for November, after her water pipe/ basement debacle. Having had a disaster in our basement, I felt her pain....and I know she was disappointed, but she'll be back in the fall for all her fans! 

In the meantime, we are planning a bunch of other classes and the descriptions will go up on the "upcoming classes" page, as soon as the teachers get them to us! Meisha Barbee is coming in May, Melanie Muir -- in June, Julie Picarello -- in July, and Lindly Haunani -- in September! The classes will fill quickly! 

The clay shelves are all restocked. We have all the Kor Tools stamps, rollers and edge rollers in stock. (and flying out the door!) Ellen has been busy making samples with inks, paints and textures. There is lots to see and drool over. Perhaps you need to plan a trip....lunch in town and then an afternoon of shopping. If you have a group of friends who want to shop, let us set up a special time for you! We are willing to come in to accommodate your schedule if you are driving thru Atlanta and want to stop by! We always suggest that you call to make sure we are here and we are always happy to help husbands shop so they come home with what you want!