Gallery Artists

The Gallery in Creative Journey Studios places polymer on a pedestal, both literally and figuratively.  The gallery is filled with one of a kind, art jewelry from around sixty-five artists, proclaiming that polymer has come of age as an art medium.

The styles vary from the precision of Jana Benzon’s lasercut pieces to the natural flow of Lindly Haunani’s floral lei-like necklaces; from the high style of Loretta Lam and Elise Winters’ work to the whimsical, sculptural work of Leslie Blackford and Christi Friesen; from the ancient icon feel of Heather Campbell, Mari O’Dell or Laurie Mika to the fresh look of Kim Korringa or Meisha Barbee.  There is something here for everyone’s taste.

While it is obvious that our first love is polymer, we also love fiber and have gathered some wonderful dolls, art quilts, bags and cloth jewelry.  We have clever triptych paintings from a local artist, Mary Pratt; amazing wire work and metal clay pieces from Lisa Barth; fine art prints and cards from several artists and photographic images from Ellen Prophater; even polymer embellished serving pieces.

The following is a listing of the artists whose work is represented in the Gallery at Creative Journey Studios. We welcome your visit to view this magnificent array of one-of-a-kind, handmade art.

The List of Current Artists

Betsy Baker
Meisha Barbee
Lisa Barth
Judy Belcher
Jana Roberts Benzon
Bonnie Bishoff
Carol Blackburn
Leslie Blackford
Kay Bonitz
Heather Campbell
 Keven Carlton
Rachel Carren
Celine Charuau
Jeffrey Lloyd Dever

Patricia DiBona
Ann Dillon
Dayle Doroshow
Kathleen Dustin
Julie Eakes
Barbara Fajardo
Mary Filapek and Lou Ann Townsend
Marla Frankenberg
Christi Friesen
Alison Gallant
Natalia Garcia de Leaniz
Sue Gentry
Linda Gilcher
Sue Hartman
Lindly Haunani
Ernie Hendrix
Ginny Henley

Anke Humpert
Susan Hyde
Jeanette Kandray
Deb Karash
Amy Koranek
Kim Korringa
Judy Kuskin
Loretta Lam

Priscilla Lane
Ron Lehocky
Emily Squires Levine
Maggie Maggio
Sandra McCaw

Diane McNamee
Laurie Mika
Libby Mills 
Sherry Moser
Nancy Nearing
Mari O'Dell
Nikolina Otrazan

Patrice Pfeiffer
Julie Picarello
Melanie Pierce
Mary Pratt
Ellen Prophater
Laurie Prophater
LaTrecia Raffety
Sue Screws
Marie Segal
Sarah Shriver
Ponsawan Sila
Deedee Skigen
Meta Strick
Alice Stroppel

Rob Sutherland
Cat Szetu
Laura Tabakman
Bettina Welker
Ronna Weltman
Melanie West
Elise Winters
Karen Woods