Saturday, December 15, 2012

Something for everyone on your list....

Holiday shopping is in full swing, and people are excited to have a place to find unique polymer artwork. Husbands are being dragged in with their wives, only to discover polymer could be their new hobby, and at the least, that they have found a source of fun presents they can surprise their wives with. We are delighted to have new work from Judy Belcher, Lindly Haunani and Leslie Blackford, who have been with us since we opened. Equally exciting, we have a new artist in our old friend Dayle Doroshow, who sent us a collection of her mixed media art, from dolls to pins to cloth and polymer bracelets to wall hangings with pins as an integral part, as well as a spectacular polymer, abalone, bone and stone necklace. We have some wonderful new sterling, brass and colored copper pieces from Deb Karash. We’ve loaded up on Ron Lehocky hearts, including some Christmas ones, knowing that these are great teacher presents and stocking stuffers. The man is into his next 20,000 hearts and we intend to do our part! No rest for the weary… you, Ron!

Hope you are asking for Synergy3 for holiday gifts, and don’t forget about the bus tour to Buford….it’s filling up, so don’t miss out! We still have space in Dani and Natalia’s class on the 10th and 11th before Synergy3.