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We have decided to add a page to the blog even though it is a bit redundant. We do have a blog at to talk about our supply store, but it does get short shrift most of the time. By the time I have done all the various updates, it doesn't get much love! Web posting can be a full time job.
This is our most current price list. Remember that prices do fluctuate....not always up, I might add, if you look at gold leaf prices. We try to bring you really good products, that we have used and liked, and we give you the best price we can up front. We don't have sales, we don't charge you to join, and we work extremely hard to find the cheapest way to ship (and we don't charge a handling fee).

I will be happy to take your call at 404-314-5767 and discuss what you need, take a credit card and arrange shipping. I think you will be happy with our customer service!

Watch our Facebook pages, Creative Journey Studios and Filigree & More. Like us, follow us, post to us.....get to know us! Thanks, Sue and Ellen

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