Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Saddle up your horse and polish your armor!

Panel from the Bayeux Tapestry
Let the jousting begin! Just kidding! Seeing awesome chainmaille does strange things to me! We have a new teacher and some of her fabulous work to sell in the gallery. Dian Parker is coming to Creative Journey Studios to teach how to create a Byzantine bracelet in chainmaille. If you, too, have always been fascinated by this higher use for a jump ring, join Dian for this new class on June 21. We're having two sessions to choose from (1-3 or 6:30-8:30pm) for $50 plus supplies (~$40).
We have some lovely examples of Dian's work in the gallery. Stop by and check it out!

Also, don't forget that another fun "First Thursday" project is coming up. On May 3rd, Ellen and Patricia are teaching "Your Outer Goddess". You'll create a polymer goddess pendant and a wired bead chain. What a deal....a fun afternoon or evening and you go home with a treasure!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Work in the Gallery

We have new artists (Debbie Jackson and Peggy Martin) in the Gallery, and new work from one of our original artists (Kim Korringa). Debbie's new collection of earrings and necklaces has a wonderful tribal or ethnic bent. Debbie was fortunate to take an amazing trip to Ghana where she was able to visit with many of the talented artists doing batik and brass work. It has definitely informed her new pieces. You'll definitely want to add one of these spectacular one of a kind pieces to your collection.

Peggy Martin's new work is in cold connections and fold-forming of metals. She has made some wonderful pendants and uses interesting chain. She also has brought us some dynamite earrings. Kim Korringa sent a new batch of her wonderful fairy wing earrings. They are really special. There are even two pairs of black and white ones that are really fun.
We also have some new local teachers who will be creating new fun classes on a more regular basis. Jimmie Boatright will be teaching beading classes for us....we already have her scheduled to teach "embellishing filigree" and "capturing cabochons". We had an opportunity to photograph a large portion of her work, and I foresee other classes in the making. Mamie Velez is going to share some calligraphy based classes, like drawing flourishes. I see these as potential surface designs for polymer pieces. She is also going to teach the "artful doodle", which is similar to zentangling with calligraphic elements. We all love to doodle so why not doodle on polymer....hmmm!
Patricia DiBona and Ellen Prophater are busy dreaming up new classes for their combined class that they present the first Thursday of every month. Their collaborative work is expanding both of their horizons. I can hardly wait to see the effect of the encaustic painting symposium up in Massachusetts they are going to attend in June.