Saturday, June 20, 2015

Something new and exciting....

Everyone is falling in love with the new KorTools and we are no exception. We learned about the new texture tools from Ron Lehocky and immediately we were 'all in'. We are stocking all the rollers and a large portion of the stamps.
A few of Ron's latest hearts using the KorTools

The textures are deep and crisp, and are ideal for polymer clay. We have been playing with mica shift and love the nice deep imprints made with ease and no sticking. The rollers create a length of continuous pattern that is just shy of two inches wide (5cm). We are giving you a break on the price ($9 for the rollers and $3.50 for the stamps) and can pop them in a padded bag and send them inexpensively by first class mail. Check out the pictures below and give me a call at 404-14-5767 to get yours on their way!