Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Could it be Fall?

There was actually a cool breeze this morning! What a treat after all the humidity we've been having, along with a broken air conditioner. Glad it waited until after our wonderful visit with Lindly! The classes were great and we discovered some new spots to eat. Leave it to Lindly to study up on the web before her arrival and find exciting new culinary hotspots! We now have a great ramen noodle house to tempt us!
We are looking forward to our next classes----Ernie Hendrix is coming on September 27 to teach a mixed media book class. You can see a beautiful example on display in the gallery.
In October we will be headed to Racine, Wisconsin for the RAM Polymer Symposium at the Johnson Foundation at Wingspread. It's called Polymer 2.0: The Field at the Beginning of the 21st Century. We are looking forward to getting an insight into polymer's future. One of our missions at Creative Journey Studios is promoting polymer clay as an art medium. It's always exciting to hobnob with other artists to hear what innovative things they are doing with polymer.
On our way home we will be stopping off at Mammoth Cave for the annual KY/TN retreat run by Ron Lehocky. By the time we get back to Buford our heads will be spinning! Hopefully this will all translate to an even better experience for you when you visit Creative Journey and Filigree & More for a class, a supply run or just a tour.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Check your Bucket List!

Lots of news to share! We are eagerly awaiting Lindly Haunani, who will be here for two weekend workshops--August 29th to the 31st and September 5th to the 7th. She's going to teach us all about tube beads, which is a very versatile bead shape we should all know more about. She is also going to do a survey of types of mokume gane, including her own Haunani-gane. The second weekend is full but there are still a couple spots in August if you want to jump in at the last second. Just call us at 404-314-5767 to sign up or ask questions.

Also, please note the new date for Ernie Hendrix' book making class. It's now on September 27th. We have a beautiful example for you to see, set up in the gallery. Once you see it, I know you will want to learn how to make your own. The class is only $85 and you will have a treasure to take home at the end of the day.

We're inundated with new stock in Filigree & More, our supply store. We have a new distributor with lots of new goodies. The biggest news is that this means we will continue to have Pardo clay. We still have a good supply even though a day doesn't go by without a box heading off to another eager clayer. We have tackled the issue of summer shipping by getting insulated bags and icepacks to care for the clay and thus far have shipped to Florida, California, Massachusetts, Arizona, Colorado......even Alaska! I'm forming lasting friendships with the post office personnel, and I've learned all about Regional USPS Box A shipping.
We're working on putting out wonderful gemstone beads and pearls, and we have special Ron Lehocky hearts for beaders so if you are looking for special cabochons to bead around or wire wrap, you need to come for a visit. We are often here on our "off days" so call  to see if we're here and come spend some time with us.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Star Wars informs Creative Journey

We like the idea of "prequels" even more than sequels! Just as we were able to add a second class for Meisha Barbee, we have decided to add a class for Lindly Haunani. Even before the class was described on the upcoming class page, we had a full house. Yea for us ....sad for you if you didn't move fast what to do? Prevail upon Lindly to do a second class.....yes! Go, Lindly! We are scheduling a 'do-over' before the 'do'. August 29th will be the tube bead class, and August 30th and 31st will be the mokume in-depth class. These classes are filling up as well, so if you are interested, call Sue at 404-314-5767 to secure your spot.

Don't forget to sign up for Ernie Hendrix' book arts class. She is teaching how to make the Orient Star Book on July 12th from 10:00 to 5:30. It's only $85 and you'll even learn some origami when everything is said and done. Ernie is an excellent teacher and needs to finalize the headcount so she can prepare, so don't wait to the last minute to sign up.
There are new products in Filigree & More, our supply store. Gemstone beads, silver beads and freshwater pearls are starting to be hung on our new bead wall. It's time for a trip to Buford. Leave time for lunch at Aqua Terra or Rico's to get you in the mood for shopping!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Melding of talents

We pride ourselves in the quality of our classes. We have great teachers and a great space, and have a following of students that happily fill our classes. One of the things that makes us extra happy is when someone who is proficient in another medium wants to learn about polymer clay. Ileana Rojas-Bennett is just such a student. Ileana is an amazing silver and goldsmith from Costa Rica (now living in North Carolina). Her Maleku Jewelry line is inspired by the colors of the rain forest and pays homage to the Maleku Indians of Costa Rica, her ancestors. When she was at Creative Journey Studios for a class with Meisha Barbee, she gave Ellen a beautiful example of her work. We wanted to share a picture of this incredible bracelet. We can hardly wait to see how her work evolves as she adds polymer to her repertoire.

You can see her website at and on Facebook. We are delighted to have Ileana be part of our 'gang' and add to the fun at the Studio.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

News Flash!

We are offering an extra session of Meisha Barbee’s “Retro Extrusions & More” on May 31st and June 1st (Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 to 5:00 each day) for $225. We filled up the original three days (May 23, 24 and 25), and have enough students to make it worth Meisha’s time, so we will host this second iteration. Call 404-314-5767 to get your name on the list--there are only three spots left. We had a full house for this past weekend and everyone had a really great time, evidenced by all the work posted on facebook! 

Also check the upcoming classes page for the description of Marla Frankenberg’s June class (sadly, we have had to postpone Marla's classes) and Ernie Hendrix’s book class in July. 

Creative Journey Studios presents outstanding teachers eight to ten times a year. Our classes are small and intimate, with space for no more than ten students. We feel this creates a more retreat like atmosphere with more personal attention from the teacher, and more interaction between the students. Classes are filled on a first come, first served basis, with your space held when the full fee is paid. Signups can be made by phone with a credit card or arrangements to pay by check can be made. Class descriptions are on the "upcoming classes" page of the blog. We try to feature the teacher's art in the gallery so you can get a preview of the type of work they do.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sarah Go Bragh...

We are so ready for Spring to really be here. We have been getting teases and freezes, but the end of winter is in sight. We are getting excited to see Sarah Shriver, too. She is coming from, Friday, April 4th thru Sunday, April 6th for two fun workshops. On Friday, she is teaching her iconic fish bone cane and more importantly, you will see how you can reduce graphic images into manageable 'bites' to make your own canes.  

These techniques will carry you forward into the realm of complex caning so you can make other representational canes with ease. With your new found skills you will make a wonderful bracelet with using finishing ideas suggested by Sarah.  You can include borders, spirals and other graphic elements.

During the two day class Sarah will show you how to make a wonderful kaleidoscoped, interlocking patterned cane with her signature Celtic flair. Sarah has a unique way of using skinner blends and inclusions to create abstract canes that she builds into graceful patterns. You will learn valuable bead construction techniques and finishing techniques that will raise your skill level to a new plateau. A phone call and a credit card can secure your place for the weekend. You don't want to miss the fun!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Goodbye 2013! Welcome 2014!!!

2014 is here and we are excited to start the new year.  Ellen Prophater and I are planning workshops here at Creative Journey Studios. We know you have been waiting eagerly to hear the schedule. I’m sure you will be pleased with what we have lined up so far.  We will also keep you up to date on our travel schedule as we take Filigree & More on the road. In February, we head to Maryland for Cabin Fever in Laurel. We are looking forward to some great classes, reconnecting with old friends, making some new friends, and spending some quality time with my new grandson in the process.  

Necklace  by Loretta Lam
March 14 thru the 16th , Loretta Lam will be heading south to Buford for three days of classes.  Next Sarah Shriver will be in from California for three days, April 4th thru the 6th. In the middle of May we’ll be in Virginia for a retreat, and will be bringing Meisha Barbee back for three days of classes from May 23rd thru the 25th.  Marla Frankenberg will be teaching some of her advanced canes like her famous dot cane, watercolor flower canes, fern canes and more when she comes in June.  We have decided to ask our teachers to plan a one day class for either Friday or Monday, and to teach a two day workshop on the weekend. That seems to amortize better both the teacher’s travel and the out of town student’s travel expenses.

Heading back on the road again, we will be there when the Southern Connecticut Polymer Clay Guild has their retreat at the end of July and the IPCA is in Columbus, Ohio in August. Lindly Haunani will be here in September and Dayle Doroshow in November. Check the “upcoming classes” page for class descriptions and prices, and to see example pictures so you can drool and make your plans! I’m always eager to talk on the phone (404-314-5767) about the classes and get you signed up. Your registration is confirmed when we receive your payment. Classes fill quickly because we limit the number of students to enhance your experience and maximize your interaction with the instructor. We have some regular followers who sign up early, so don’t procrastinate! I’m sure we will fill in some of the blank spaces and add more detailed information as time passes.  We are always open to having more fun.