Thursday, May 2, 2013

Always something new and exciting going on.....

We hope spring, such as it is, is finding you energized and ready to create some amazing new art! We have been busy since Synergy3(the International Polymer Clay Association symposium here in Atlanta) and the bus tour to the studio. The tour was an amazing day for us. It was a wonderful chance to introduce ourselves to the polymer community as a unique polymer centric gallery and supply store. We now have over sixty artists consigning their art to us, so I am convinced there is no other gallery in the world with as wide an array of one of a kind polymer art pieces. Add to that the opportunity to view our retrospective study collection of over five hundred pieces of polymer (which continues to grow thanks to generous artists’ donations) and I think you can see that we are an opportunity for immersion into polymer wonderment and inspiration. And that is before you ever get to our supply store, Filigree & More, where you will find all the products you have been searching for! Our goal is to sell unique, high quality products that work well with polymer and that are priced reasonably, and we do a lot of research before adding a product to our line up.
Today is the day! The UPS man will be groaning with all the boxes of goodies coming to our door. We have made a full commitment to Pardo and Viva Decor products and plan to be your source for Pardo translucent, primary colors and metallics! We are also loving the Inka Gold paints and the Precious Metal Color (if you came on the bus tour, you got a sample in your goodie bag!), and the opaque alcohol inks they make (Marmorier Tinte). We are happy to take an order over the phone and we can either take a card over the phone or send you a Paypal invoice. We only charge what the post office charges us to ship and don't add a handling fee, and for the moment at least, we don't charge sales tax if it is going out of state. We're here to discuss how to use the products we sell and help you choose what is right for your application.
I know it will come as a shock to many of you, but we are starting to create an online store. Ellen's son Randy is going to help (He already has proved his skills by creating a dynamite website for his vacuum and appliance store in Midtown (  We think at this point we have the volume of products to warrant the work. In the meantime you can check the website ( to learn about the brands we carry, and then chat with me on the phone (404-314-5767) to learn about what you can't live without! If you have an iphone, we can even facetime so you can see what's here! You can always email us at filigreeandmore@ to start the process.