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Who We Are --

Studio Director and Owner: Sue Sutherland
Gallery Director: Ellen Prophater

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Creative Journey Studios
Suite A1B
115 East Main Street
Buford, Georgia 30518
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Our Email Addresses -- (Ellen Prophater) (Sue Sutherland)

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Wednesday - Saturday 
1 - 6 PM
and by appointment

Call 404-314-5767 to confirm your visit

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Check each class listing for the correct day and time.

Our Policies --

Classes are not a big profit center for us, by the time we compensate the teacher and provide transportation, and room and board, and cover our insurance and utilities. We base the class fees on our expenses and we’re happy if can provide a great class without running in the red. Last minute cancellations pose a problem. We have purchased the plane ticket based on a certain level of attendance (we pay the instructors based on that number), so at a certain point we can’t really afford to refund the class fee. Obviously, if the class is full and we can fill your spot, we can refund some of your class fee.  When the class is filled to an appropriate amount, we make the teacher's travel arrangements and commit to the class happening. If we have to cancel the class for some reason, your fees are returned in full. If you have to cancel the class forty five days or more before the class is to happen, we will refund your fees minus a $50 administration fee. After the forty-five day period begins, we can only refund your money, minus the admin fee, when your space is filled.