Monday, January 16, 2012

Lindly Haunani, Show Stopper!

Everyone who comes to our gallery does a double take when they first catch a glimpse of Lindly Haunani's display.  Her fantastic floral lei necklaces definitely say "Aloha" (in the "hello" sense) to our new guests, as they wander around with dropped jaws.  It is always fun to welcome someone new to polymer into our gallery.  Perhaps, at times, there is sensory overload.  Always there is a gasp and an "oh my, look how the colors almost glow" when they first admire Lindly's work.  I have to explain that Lindly is of Hawaiian descent, and when they glimpse her asparagus bracelet in the exhibit, that she is a 'foodie'.  I next explain that she has written the definitive book on color, and that we love to have Lindly come to Creative Journey Studios to teach.  I show her class samples and they are hooked, and they didn't know they even liked polymer before today.  (Watch the calendar page for information about her next class, which is in mid-September.)

We've known Lindly for four years now and have taken every class she has least once.  Now we have the pleasure of bringing her here to teach.  She is knowledgeable, energetic and just plain fun.  Come visit and I'll bet you'll decide you need a pair of her earrings for spring.


  1. Love Lindly. She makes everyone in her class feel special and she seems to have as much fun as her students. And did I mention she REALLY knows her subject matter!!

    Gypsy Gold Studio

  2. I have a pair of Lindly's earrings that I treasure and often wear. I swapped them for one of my pendants when she taught in England. Looking forward to seeing Lindly at Synergy next year.


  3. Indeed, Lindly is a special person with a passion for Polymer and very generous heart. Love her. EVERYONE should take Lindly's classes. I've never seen a anyone that wasn't thrilled with their class.