Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The new classroom

Lots of work has been going on.  We are updating our classroom area with new individual tables.  There are lots of new lights, making for a bright workspace.  We've added two dry erase boards for the teachers to draw on.  We are striving to create a comfortable, inviting classroom, and I think we are well on the way.  We plan to have a separate tool room for the ovens, buffer, drill press and other fun tools!  Filigree & More is expanding into a new space, to hold even more products.

Ellen is busy building the class schedule for 2012.  We have lots of exciting plans for the new year.  We will be posting the news here as well as on the new website ... www.creativejourneystudios.com.  I hope the cloning experiment works, because I think we'll need two or three of each of us to get everything done!

Our class with Lindly inaugurated the new classroom (I think she was pretty happy with it) and we had a wonderful color class.  In December we have Jana Benzon coming to teach her laser-cut technique.  This is an intermediate to advanced class with limited space (I think there is still a spot or two left, so call soon if you are interested  -- 404-314-5767).  You can still see the description on the old website (http://www.womancreative.com/).

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