Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And so it begins . . .

We inaugurated our new classroom with one of the polymer community’s premier teachers, Lindly Haunani.  We explored the rainbow, got color smart and had a great time in the process. We started the day by creating our own personal color collage to enable us to zero in on a personal color palette.  

Then Lindly led us to the discovery of which primaries we should use to begin our color mixing.

We had an inordinate amount of fun and got so smart it’s scary.  The weekend culminated in making several simple veneers and creating a piece of jewelry.

 I think Peggy found the trip from Wisconsin well worth the effort.

We finished our visit with Lindly with a trip to the Carter Library to see a fantastic exhibit of Madeline Albright’s pins.  As Secretary of State, Albright often sent veiled messages to heads of state with the pin she was wearing.  It was fascinating  to see how important jewelry could be.

Now we are gearing up for a visit from Jana Roberts Benzon.  She is coming in Dec 3rd and 4th to teach her lasercut technique.  This is an intermediate to advanced class with limited space (I think there is still a spot or two left, so call soon if you are interested -- 404-314-5767). You can still see the description on the old website (http://www.womancreative.com/).

We are busy planning the teaching schedule for 2012.  We already have some exciting classes in the works.  Watch the website (www.creativejourneystudios.com) for the latest news, and continue to follow the new blog to keep track of the fun.

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