Monday, June 12, 2017

Moving right along....

We've had a good spring and early summer. Jeff Dever was in for two sessions of hollow pod making, followed by amulets and talismans with Sarah Shriver. Talk about two dynamite classes! We are delighted to have their work in the gallery now (Jeff, for the first time, and lots of new work from Sarah!)
Next on our class agenda is Doreen Kassel. I hope you have been following her facebook posts along with Donna Greenberg, as they get ready for Synergy in August. It is definitely whetting my appetite for Doreen's class making flowers, pods and butterflies.....and her whimsical figures! We have some wonderful examples at the studio so you can be tempted.

We will be on the road again (in mid August) for the IPCA's Synergy4 conference up in the Philadelphia area. Ellen has the honor of speaking at this important international polymer conference. Hope you will be attending to get her take on mokume gane. She is already busy gathering photos and fine tuning her talk.
Be sure to check the upcoming classes page.  We've updated the rest of the year's classes. Classes fill up fast so if you are interested, you need to hop on it quickly. We are trying to have a second session of Lindly's color class. There is a spot in Laura Tabakman's class on wire and translucent clay.

We'll be winding down the year with Leslie Blackford, November 10-12, right after we get back from Ron Lehocky's Dam Retreat at the end of October. She has a fun class on tap, as she helps you clean out Auntie's old jewelry box!
Hope we'll see you for a class. Plan a visit to see what's new in the gallery. We have lots of new products (that you know you need!) in the supply store. Come check out Ellen's new long and double design silk screens before we run out again.

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