Tuesday, August 2, 2016


We’ve had a wonderful week with Julie Picarello. She taught two wonderful sessions at CJS and is now winging her way back to California to her “day job” as a computer circuit board creator. Julie is such a good teacher and she shared all her techniques, from her style of mokume and ‘lizard tails’ to button blossoms and lunar beads. Our heads are spinning with all our new found knowledge and all I want to do is get back in the studio. Too bad I’ve got to straighten up and get set for Ellen’s two upcoming mokume survey classes. 
Then we have Lindly Haunani, our favorite color-meister, coming for a color class with a twist. We will be making skinner blended “fabric” to make quilt squares for wall hangings. It’s all about getting a palette that sings to you, so your work will make you happy, whether in wall hangings or jewelry. After all, it all starts with color.

There are more pictures with the description on the "Upcoming Classes" page. This class is a great confidence builder if you always struggle with your color choices. 
You will also see the new class description for Cynthia Tinapple's Inlaying Polymer (in anything that will hold still). There are also some new dates to put on your calendar for classes coming in the new year. Ellen has been busy lining up some fantastic classes for 2017....Laura Tabakman, Nikolina Otrzan, Jeff Dever, Sarah Shriver, Lindly Haunani...and we will get the descriptions up when it's time to sign up. 

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