Saturday, February 25, 2012

No Rabbits, No Queen of Hearts . . . Just Alice

I think it was the "cane heard 'round the world".  Alice Stroppel solved a common problem -- scrap clay -- with her brilliant idea, the Stroppel Cane.  We all dream of having an idea that goes viral, and Alice has succeeded.  Clayers all over the world are making beads using Alice's great technique.  Now she is coming to Creative Journey Studios to teach workshops on her other distinctive techniques.  On April 21, she will be teaching her take on face canes.

I know you have seen her wonderful whimsical "girls" and now you will be able to create your own batch of beauties. Then on April 22, she will guide you through the process of drawing on polymer clay.  All together now ... "but I can't draw, Alice!"  She possesses the magic to turn us all into happy pen and inkers.

If you haven't seen Alice's work, you are in for a treat. Her designs are simple, but effective ... whimsical, but brilliant.  She has a wonderful blog at which showcases her many talents.

When we first opened, Alice (and her trusty video camera) came up from Florida to help us get the doors open and to document the process. She gave us lots of pointers on videography and made the first video tour of our facility.  We will always remember all the help she provided as we started this journey, and we can hardly wait to have her back!


  1. I am looking forward to getting back up there to your wonderful Galley/workshop and teaching two of my favorite things to teach.
    Thanks so much for having me, see you soon.

  2. What a treat this will be for students who sign up. This will be an excellent class. Alice is so fun, energetic and quite funny! You'll be learning and laughing all the way to the oven!

  3. Tejae, what a nice thing to say, thank you. It's just around the corner and I'm so looking forward to it.